The Paleoclimatic Dynamics Lab in 320 Heroy features a suite of instrumentation and facilities for computation, organic geochemical analyses, and general paleoclimatic proxy work. These include two five foot fume hoods, an Accelerated Solvent Extraction system (ASE 350), a Trace 1310 gas chromatograph with flame ionization detector (GC-FID), and peripheral equipment. We also have a Leica DM300 binocular compound scope for sedimentological analyses. Our computational facilities on OrangeGrid feature over 10 TB of storage and 64 cores, speeding up our analyses of large arrays of climate model output.

We also have a gas-chromatograph isotope-ratio mass spectrometer (GC-IRMS) for the quantification of H, C, N isotope ratios in organic compounds ranging from leaf waxes to amino acids.