Dr. Tripti Bhattacharya – Principal Investigator

Dr. Bhattacharya received her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, where she studied paleoclimate and climate dynamics. Her subsequent postdoctoral research at the University of Arizona focused on the response of monsoons, and in particular the North American Monsoon, to climate change. She has been at Syracuse since Fall 2018, where she was appointed as a Thonis Family Professor to the rank of tenure-track assistant professor

Peter Brennan – PhD Candidate

Peter received his BS from Boston College in Environmental Geosciences in 2017. He is passionate about policy-relevant climate research and is an EMPOWER student. His project focuses on understanding the causes of high SSTs along the coast of North America in the mid-Pliocene, and the consequences of these temperatures for hydroclimate.

Claire Rubbelke – PhD Student

Claire is a first year PhD student interested in modern and paleoclimate dynamics. She received a triple major in geology, geography, and atmospheric and oceanic sciences from UW Madison in 2020. Her work is motivated by the knowledge that understanding the mechanisms behind past climate dynamics is key to predicting our future climate. She is currently working on leaf wax hydrogen isotope reconstructions of Pliocene monsoons.

Steph Bullinger – Laboratory Manager

Starting April, 2022

Ellen Jorgensen – Undergraduate Researcher

Ellen is an undergraduate researcher working on her senior thesis. She is working towards a BS in Earth Sciences with a minor in Physics. She is a NOAA Hollings Scholar and recently finished an REU at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Kia Lynn Riccio – Graduate Researcher

Kia is a graduate student in archaeology, using organic geochemical analyses of ceramic residues to understand dietary changes in the Caribbean and Central America in archaeological contexts